iGBu offers short training courses for those who require a better understanding of fundamental statistics and the principles of bilinear problems and their solutions. No prior knowledge is required to enroll in short courses, although some elementary knowledge on statistics and linear algebra is helpful. You can either take the annual iGBu training course or host off-site training at your facility.  

Why take a short course?

  • To improve work productivity and professional development 
  • To acquire updated knowledge on bilinear problems and solution methods 
  • To acquire knowledge on bilinear applications to aerosol source apportionment 
  • To develop a unique and lasting network among course participants 

Who is eligible for a short course? 

  • Engineers, scientists, or government employees who need a better understanding of data analysis 
  • Those who want to understand bilinear problems and their solutions 
  • Those who want to understand the principles of source apportionment models 
  • Those who want to acquire hands-on experience with the SMP model 

Training Course Topics

  • Bilinear research
  • Statistics for environmental engineers
  • Atmospheric aerosol and receptor modeling

Training Courses

Course                                                                                   Date          Location
Bilinear research                                                                   TBA           CA, USA
Statistics for environmental engineers                             TBA           CA, USA
Atmospheric aerosol and receptor modeling                   TBA           CA, USA

Training at your site 
On-site training is available at your facility.  We will work with you to arrange training dates and times that are best suited to you.  If you need more information, please email us at info@iGBu.co.