​iGBu concentrates on three application areas:

​analytical chemistry, environmental quality analysis, and information security

Analytical chemistry:  

Identification and quantification of unknown compounds from unknown mixtures.
We use a bilinear function solution to resolve response spectra and concentrations of unknown compounds contained within an unknown mixture.  This is done with little or no a priori information on the nature and characteristics of the unknown compounds.      

Environmental quality analysis:  

Source contribution estimates of atmospheric aerosol in air quality studies. 
We aim to estimate both source contributions and source compositions simultaneously from observed ambient aerosol data alone.       

​Information security:  

Computer and data security 
We aim to generate complex secure passwords with a unique password-generating algorithm to protect confidential information for individuals and corporations. 

​We aim to develop secure encryption software using a new unique algorithm to protect confidential files for individuals, large corporations and governments.