We specialize in bilinear research. iGBu focuses on research and development for the solving of bilinear problems, a subset of quadratic problems where observed data is expressed as a linear sum of products of two unknown variables. These problems can arise across multiple disciplines, including psychology, mathematics, chemistry, social science, signal processing, image processing, etc. For instance, if a function of two variables is linear with respect to each of its variables, then a function is referred to as bilinear. A function z=xy is bilinear because the function z is linear in both x and y. In general, this is referred to as a mixture problem in chemistry or a bilinear problem in mathematics.  

iGBu has varied experience and expertise when it comes to bilinear problems. We have developed a number of advanced bilinear models and tools, each of which is unique to a specific bilinear application. iGBu is proud of providing services to help clients develop their own advanced problem-solving models. We would also be glad to assist clients with our pre-developed models and tools to attain their research or regulatory goals. If you need our assistance on bilinear problems in analytical chemistry, environmental quality analysis or information security, please email us at info@iGBu.co.