Application to secure password generation: 
In recent years, information security has become a significant issue for individuals, private businesses, governments, financial institutions, corporations, and hospitals. Most of our important data is encrypted and protected by passwords, and all internet accounts require passwords to login. Often, there are too many passwords to feasibly remember them all. As a result, many people save their passwords in a single password-protected file, or use a remote, cloud-based location to save all of their passwords with one master password. While this practice is convenient, it is generally not secure. Because all of the passwords are stored in one location, either remotely or on a local drive, they could be vulnerable to those with mal intent.  

Long, complex passwords are the most robust form of security, but are nearly impossible to memorize. In response to a growing demand for a strong and secure password generator, iGBu has developed the next generation of unique password generating software, easypassword (EZPD)TM. It can only be operated from authorized computers and cannot be compromised by an attacker. EZPD does not store passwords anywhere, so it is safe. Using a complex algorithm, it simply generates and then re-generates the same password whenever it is needed. With EZPD, there is no need to memorize and type out a long password, because the software fills it in for you, making use easy and convenient. EZPD generates unique, secure passwords that are unique to your computer. No one can reproduce your unique password on a different machine, making EZPD a worry-free password generating (and regenerating) software.  

EZPD is fully customizable to meet your specific security needs. For any inquiries, contact us by email at    

Application to secure encryption of confidential files: 
In an effort to add another layer of security beyond the generation of secure passwords, iGBu is developing secure encryption software SENCRPT. This software encodes important information in a text file using our unique concept for a new algorithm.  

Application to object recognition in computer vision research:  
Computer vision research aims to mimic the abilities of human vision. One of the ultimate goals of computer vision research is targeted object recognition. iGBu is pushing past the boundaries of simple object recognition, and is currently developing an advanced facial recognition program called FREC.  

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