The Best In Bilinear Problem Solving

iGBu was founded in March of 2013 and is headquartered in the Circle City of Southern California. Since then, iGBu has been solely focused on the research, development, innovation, and application of bilinear problems. iGBu will continue to do research and development of bilinear problem-solving models and tools, and make every effort to stay on the cutting edge of bilinear research.  

iGBu has a broad range of experience and expertise in regards to bilinear research and its application. We have developed a number of bilinear models and tools that are flexible and customizable for use in applications to three research areas – analytical chemistry, environmental quality analysis, and information security. We are proud of the high value services we provide to our clients. 


Lead the industry in bilinear research and application.


Deliver the best possible solution and problem solving tools in bilinear problems.


Quality and Trust – beyond your expectation